Brittani Nelson



Phi Mu is a chapter full of such strong, confident, and kind women. Phi Mu women know exactly who they are and empower all those around them. They practice our values; love, honor, and truth. Whether it is through their involvement on campus or giving back to the community, these women are constantly leaving an impact. The way they live inspires me every day. Throughout the past three years, they have pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to reach my true potential. I am so proud to be president of an organization full of such inspiring women. You belong somewhere where the women make you feel as loved and valued as the women in Phi Mu make me feel every day. I am beyond thankful to have found my home in Phi Mu.


The Alpha Nu chapter was originally chartered at the University of Florida in 1949 and rechartered in 1994. We were once fondly referred to as the “Pink Castle” of East Panhellenic Drive, although we have recently painted our house a sleek and modern gray.


Alpha Nu is home to more than 250 sisters, and our house mom, GG, makes our house a home away from home. Our chapter continues to grow and develop the bonds of sisterhood, increase its influence on campus, and continue its tradition and legacy at the University of Florida.