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Dear 2020 Potential New Members,


I want you to know how excited I am to play a role in your recruitment experience! You are probably asking yourself what recruitment will be like, how you are going to survive the Florida heat, what you should wear and ultimately where you’ll end up. I asked myself those same questions when I was in your shoes and understand how intimidating yet exciting recruitment can be. 


I don’t have the answer to all of those questions for you, but I can tell you a few things about what recruitment will be like at Phi Mu. When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by women who are incredibly excited to get to know you and establish a meaningful connection with you. When I went through recruitment, it was evident to me that the women of Phi Mu were focused on getting to know my heart, who I was and who I could become. I am incredibly thankful for the faith they had in my potential before I even recognized it. Without Phi Mu, I would have never gained the strong community of women who have empowered me with encouragement and confidence to push myself to become the woman I am meant to be. 


During recruitment, I hope you recognize that love, honor and truth are not just values that we claim to uphold, but are values that our sisterhood truly embodies. It is our love for one another that makes our sisterhood so meaningful, our desire for honor that empowers us, and our appreciation of truth that makes Phi Mu so special.


As Recruitment Director, it is my goal to ensure that you feel just as welcomed and loved as I did when I first walked through Phi Mu’s doors. I am so excited for you to meet some of the most genuine, caring, strong and loving people I know – and I know they are just as ready to meet you.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the recruitment process at See you in August! :)


All the best,                          

Abby Patrick

Recruitment Director

a letter from our

recruitment director

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