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Our sisters are always up to the most amazing endeavors. Here are some of the latest sisters from the 2018-19 school year we'd like to recognize for their hard work, talent and success:

  • Taylor Davidson, sophomore -- received a position on the March of Dimes Collegiate Council's Executive Board as the Overall of Recruitment

  • Madison O'Brien, freshmen -- accepted into the Florida Leadership Academy

  • Peyton Thomas, senior, and Rachel Peterson, freshman -- received positions as Account Executives at The Agency

  • Morgan Robinson, senior -- received a full ride to FSU College of Law

  • Courtney Walsh, freshman -- received position as Director of Script for Homecoming & Gator Growl and position as Panhellenic blogger

  • Alyssa Whitelock, senior -- received position as President of UF's Hosa-Future Health Professionals

  • Katie Parker, sophomore -- received position as Assistant Director of Ambassador Relations in Sister Support Ambassadors

  • Logan Loadhotlz, senior -- intern at the Florida Springs Institute and was accepted to Duke University with scholarships for a master's program in environmental science

  • Regan Lee, senior -- received a position as the Vice President of Florida Blue Key

  • Gabriella Calixto, sophomore -- received positions as Incoming Programming Vice President and Outgoing Swamp Squad Chair for the Florida Cicerones

  • Kelvy Altar, sophomore -- received position as the Executive Secretary for Florida Players

  • Jewelia Bradley, freshman -- received position as Director of Marketing for Homecoming & Gator Growl

  • Lexie Miller, senior -- received position as Agency Head of SG Gators Going Green

  • Kate Balthasar, freshman -- received position as Peer Leader for First Year Florida

  • Dana Cassidy, freshman -- University Editor and reporter for The Alligator, received summer internship with the Palm Beach Post

  • Sophia Rappaport, junior -- crowned Miss Gainesville 2019

Awards & Achievements

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