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From Our Recruitment Director


Dear Potential New Members,

I am so excited to serve as the Membership Director of Phi Mu’s Alpha Nu chapter this year, and I am even more excited to welcome you through our doors this fall. 


As a Potential New Member, it can feel overwhelming to take in all of the early mornings, late nights, sudden thunderstorms, and unexpected changes that come along with Recruitment. But believe me, believe your Pi Chi’s, or believe whoever it may be, when we say: “Trust the process.” Each Panhellenic chapter is filled with bold, vibrant, and caring leaders who remind me everyday why I am so lucky to share this community of strong women with them. When I went through Recruitment, I think I may have rolled my eyes at the phrase a few times, but I finally understood its significance when I ran home to Phi Mu on bid day. 


When I walked into the Phi Mu house as a Potential New Member, I had no idea that my most meaningful college memories would be made within its walls. But, Phi Mu is more than just two doors that our sisterhood walks through everyday. It’s a place that feels like home, and that feeling has carried me through my college experience on both the joyful days and the more challenging days when I need to lean on my sisters. So trust the process, find your home within the Panhellenic community, and believe that you too will walk through two doors that lead you to a sisterhood that will make all your good days even better. 


Love Always,
Hensley Smith, Phi Class ‘21

Recruitment Director

Please reach out to me with any recruitment related questions 

August 15-22, 2022


August 24, 2022

August 7, 2022

Recruitment registration

Bid Day

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