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"Les Soeurs Fideles"
"The Faithful Sisters"
is Phi Mu's open motto,
so it's only fitting that our sisterhood is one of the most unique parts of our chapter.

From dancing together at socials & date functions, going on hometown visits, movie marathons in the living room, study sessions in the Phi Mu library, or even running into each other on campus, being a Phi Mu sister means celebrating the moments in our lives that bind us together forever.


The bonds we create here last beyond our years at the University of Florida and they strengthen our sisterhood each day. Our sisterhood is one of the most important aspects of our chapter and our commitment to growing our sisterhood, through events like Big Little, our annual Sisterhood retreat, and quality time shared within the walls of 1152 is what has kept our organization so strong since it’s beginning in 1852. 

Big Little Reveal


Game Days


Views from the mu's

Better Together

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