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From Our President

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Phi Mu at the University of Florida’s website.


Phi Mu has been such a huge blessing in my life throughout college, and I am so honored and humbled to serve as the 2022 Chapter President. 

Phi Mu has some of the most talented, driven, and kind-hearted women on campus, and I am so inspired by all the amazing accomplishments of my sisters.


We are guided each day by our values of love, honor, and truth, and I believe our sisterhood is reflective of these values through our supportive and warm nature.


Our sisters are extremely passionate about each other, our philanthropic efforts, and serving the University of Florida community.


I cannot wait for this upcoming school year and to welcome more wonderful women into our special bond. Please enjoy reading about our home away from home and what makes Phi Mu such a unique organization.



Warm Wishes,

Mary Hanania, Phi Class ‘19

Chapter President

Within the walls of 1152 there is always a laugh to share, an individual who cares, and a support system filled with the leaders of tomorrow. Each sister is unique and strives to maintain the values we were founded with:
Love, Honor, and Truth. 
The women of Phi Mu are leaders, volunteers, scholars, philanthropists, athletes, mentors, and artists.   
We hope you enjoy the small glimpse into our incredible sisterhood and the place we call home. 

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